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Dr Susan van Scoyoc

Susan van Scoyoc is a practitioner psychologist who is Chartered by the British Psychological Society in the fields of Counselling and Health Psychology. She is registered with the HCPC in the United Kingdom. Susan has been in continuous professional practice for over 35 years.

In 2012 Susan was awarded Practitioner of the Year by the British Psychological Society, largely for her contributions as an Expert Witness in cases of historical sexual abuse.

In 2014 she was the keynote speaker at the annual BPS conference in Birmingham. Her speech, Psychologists as Expert Witnesses can be seen by clicking the link (this will take you to a new window in YouTube).

Thirty-five years on, Susan still loves her work and all the facets that have developed over the years. Susan is one of the few psychologist who will readily work with young people and children. With grown children of her own, Susan knows first hand many of the challenges young people face and how difficult they seem to be.

Susan was the founder of the Women’s Practice in Chelmsford and London and Susan continues to offer her experience and wisdom to women in all matters they may face such as health, abuse, relationships, children, and more.


Dr van Scoyoc has provided supervision for over 20 years to practicing psychologists and counsellors, psychologists in training, students at university, and, in some cases, to professionals in other fields whose work has crossed over into psychology matters.

Supervision can be provided on a regular basis, an ad hoc basis, or as a one-off when a professional feels a need for a different approach or requires a supervisor with Susan’s particular skills in a matter. The session can be the standard 60 minutes or in 15 minute increments as needed.

Susan offers supervision exclusively via video or audio formats using our own Zoom account and our security protocols.

Periodically we post videos about supervision techniques so be sure to visit our video library and Subscribe at the bottom of the page to be kept informed of updates. Currently Reflective Supervision is available.

Children & Teenagers

Children can be both a source of our greatest joy and our greatest challenge as well. We want our children to be happy and successful and our children want to be just that.

Sometimes though, life events, school, and family life can become too much and our children find they need help. Divorce, death, school can have a very different effect on children and teens. Susan works extensively with children as young as 10 and particularly with teens through university level. She has the experience, both as a psychologist and as a mother, to help in these circumstances.

Susan sees children and teens via video and audio formats. Children and teens are especially adept and comfortable with this approach. Susan can adjust sessions to suit their need and their schedules around school or other events.


Dr van Scoyoc teaches in a wide range of venues. She is a visiting lecturer at UK universities, an associate instructor at US schools, and a long-running facilitator of workshops in Expert Witness, Psychometrics, and Neuropsychology for the British Psychological Society.

Due to the COVID-19 drama, we are hastening in finalising the projects we had already started earlier this year. The above topics will soon be available in a variety of forms. Videos – both free and pay – and interactive webinars for small groups, which is our speciality.

As conditions warrant we will, no doubt, resume face-to-face workshops which had previously been scheduled in our usual places — London, Leicester, Scotland, and Wales.

Education & Qualifications

Susan decided at a very early age that she wanted to be a psychologist. While attending university she was already providing sessions to clients in need of counselling.

She graduated with honours from University College London in 1984 and upon further qualification was chartered by the British Psychological Society and approved to practice in the UK.

Susan furthered her studies in the US, graduating with an MSc in Psychology in California. While in the US she also acquired certificates in Advanced Marriage & Family Therapy and Crisis intervention.

Susan attended Anglia Ruskin at Cambridge England and was awarded a Professional Doctorate for her thesis Using Action Research to Consider Dilemmas Experienced Whilst Practising in Criminal Court Settings.

Susan is Senior Practitioner & Foundation Member Psychologist Specialising in Psychotherapy (BPS and holds EuroPsy and Specialist EuroPsy awarded by the European Federation of Psychologist Associations.



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