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Stephen van Scoyoc

Stephen van Scoyoc is a partner in S&S van Scoyoc LLP who brings a variety of skills, many of them technical, to the business. Unlike Susan, who has very effectively focussed her efforts in her professional field, Stephen has acquired the skills he felt were needed at the time. This has included technical, engineering, and IT skills. He has degrees in both the sciences and the arts and literature/writing. He holds qualifications in physical fitness and has a love of the outdoors and the sea.

Stephen manages most business aspects of the partnership. He will be the one who handles finances so if you have a question about your invoice or think we have made a mistake he is the one to contact and he will set it right.

Stephen is our Data Protection Officer. He is very well versed on the GDPR but, moreover, very experienced in the fundamental practices of keeping information private, safe, and deleting it when it is no longer relevant. If you ever have concerns about information we may hold on you, let Stephen know. He takes it very seriously. Be sure to view our video about the GDPR. Although filmed just prior to the act taking effect, little if anything has changed.

Stephen believes in honesty and fairness, as does Susan, and we try at all times to run our partnership so that it reflects this.


Business Development

Stephen’s main role in our business for the past two decades has been focussed on the management of the business, including billing, invoicing systems, taxes, training videos, website creation, mailing lists, and all the things – big and small – that it takes to keep even a small business running smoothly.

Stephen scripts, produces and edits the videos that are assuming a greater part of our presence in the field. Currently he is organising a number of our face-to-face workshops as online experiences. Some of these will be free while others will require a fee.

Stephen is also developing a business series he has titled How Would Marlowe Do It? Prior to COVID-19 it was always important for a small business to recognise that every coin out was a coin in someone else’s pocket. Now it is even more important for decisions made in a small business to be not only effective, but cost-wise. This series will address that.

Physical Activity for Health

Stephen holds qualifications as a Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Older Adult Specialist, and Exercise Referrals Specialist. He is on the Register of Exercise Professionals (R0100669) and is a Professional Member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences.

Stephen served three years as the Continuing Professional Development representative for the Physical Activity for Health Division of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences.

Stephen specialises in consultations and guidance for the over 50s in maintaining functional fitness and health, helping to ensure that our bodies don’t wear out or breakdown before our time. His guidance is reasonable and evidenced-based, not driven by popular fashion and headlines.

He is pictured with daughter Sarah, who is owner of Piggy Pole & Aerial Fitness.


Stephen, like Susan, has a long legacy as a teacher, lecturer, and public speaker. Currently he will usually be found teaching Critical Thinking, Ethics, Physical Activity for Health, and Business Skills in our workshops.

Stephen has lectured and presented at a number of US and UK universities and conferences, often on one of his loves, literature and analysis and often using a scientific approach. Here he is photographed presenting to an international literary conference about elements of the Gothic in English literature in Leeds.

In the US Stephen has lectured and facilitated workshops relevant to the investigative and security industry. He has taught government required qualification classes for private investigators and security professionals.

Stephen and Susan frequently teach together at the US workshops, blending Susan’s psychological skills with Stephens critical thinking approaches, enhancing the effectiveness of those working in the profession.


Education & Qualifications


Like Susan, Stephen knew he wanted to do something cool when he was young. After passing rigorous tests and interviews, Stephen entered the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Power Program, considered one of the most challenging academic programs in the military. He graduated from the Naval Nuclear Power School and the following year, 1978, graduated from Knolls Atomic Power Laboratories. Stephen served aboard nuclear powered surface ships and was chosen for pre-comm aboard the USS Carl Vinson in 1980 as part of the team that installed, inspected, tested, and qualified the nuclear reactors powering the ship. Stephen was retired after ten years.

Stephen graduated from the University of the State of New York with a BS and later from Oklahoma City University with an MLA (honours). While attending his many years of university Stephen qualified as a Private Investigator, working in that role and later teaching other budding investigators.

Upon graduating with his Masters, Stephen emigrated to the UK where he and Susan joined skills to establish S&S van Scoyoc LLP. Stephen provides the administrative, business, and financial skills to the company.


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