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Susan and Stephen work together in their partnership, each contributing to what it takes to provide a good service to our clients. They have worked together for more than two decades, each contributing their own special talents and skills.


Stephen & Susan van Scoyoc

Stephen van Scoyoc BS, MLA (Hons)

Physical Activity for Health

Security, business, wellness coach, critical thinking, trainer, and physical activity for health

Dr Susan van Scoyoc BSc, MS, DProf.

Chartered Psychologist

Therapist, trainer, supervisor, expert witness, and life coach

Dr Susan van Scoyoc and Stephen van Scoyoc discuss the practical aspects of the GDPR and complying with the principles. It’s not that difficult, as you will learn.

Stephen van Scoyoc, our data protection officer, discusses the finer and not so fine points of protecting your data and your clients’ data. Don’t do it because the GDPR says you must. Do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Dr Susan van Scoyoc and Dr Linda Charles discuss new developments in the practice of psychology.

Face-to-Face Workshops

Throughout the UK we present workshops on behalf of the British Psychological Society on Expert Witness, Psychometrics, Neuropsychology and more.

On-line training

We currently offer an online psychometrics workshop which includes live, interactive sessions. We are expanding this offering and will update our schedules as they come on-line.

free On-demand video

We have produced several videos addressing matters of interest or concern to psychologists and other professionals. These are offered on-demand free from our website.

pay on-demand video

We are producing a library of videos to inform and enhance the skills of practising professionals. Check our video gallery page to see what is on offer.

Coffee With Susan

From time-to-time we offer Coffee with Susan, a chance to get together, interactively online, and discuss various topics. It is often something topical, something interesting to psychologists, and often stimulating. Sign up on our mailing list so you will receive an invite.

One-Off Professional Consutations

We know you may have supervision in place, but sometimes there is a case, a legal matter, or a discipline problem that requires a supervisor with different skills. Dr van Scoyoc has decades of experience in the legal arena. She has guided psychologists facing disciplinary proceedings through them. Ethics considerations sometimes rear their head and it’s useful to discuss this with another professional.

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