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With over 35 years of continuous experience, Dr van Scoyoc has a wealth of wisdom and knowledge which she is prepared to share with fellow professionals through workshops, interactive webinars, and videos.

Susan has been providing specialised training to psychologists for over 25 years. As an expert witness in a wide range of criminal cases, Susan’s workshops on behalf of the British Psychological Society are particularly well known and respected.

The COVID19 situation has, temporarily put her workshops for 2020 on hold, but we are preparing to roll out a series of free and paid-for trainings for Expert Witness, Psychometrics, and Neuropsychology for psychologists.

Workshops are presented throughout the UK, including Scotland and Wales and are either hosted by the British Psychological Society or by S&S van Scoyoc LLP. Workshops are also available to and have been provided regularly directly to universities and other training organisations.

Events are advertised on our website and bookings can be made through the website or through the BPS, depending on who the host is.

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