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I’ve wondered about writing this section of our website for quite some time — years if I’m honest. The recent %&^$-19 debacle has convinced me that it may be helpful to those in our audience who, I think, are likely to be psychologists who are employed and earning a reasonable wage.

Are you in business? If you are being paid for your services then you are in business. No doubt you have negotiated a different job, a raise, reduced hours, or better benefits. Likely you have a part-time private practice, if not a full-time one, and you have all the same demands as any other business which may include, in the UK, having a retirement pension.

I am not a financial advisor or a tax expert although I do both for myself, seeking advice on the latter when needed. I am not going to give you specific advice although I may point the general direction for you to learn more for yourself. There is a resource page with active links.

We are in our sixties and we have accomplished what we are suggesting in these pages. That is:

1. No debts
2. Six months cash
3. No mortgage
4. Investments

We have been in business, successfully, for thirty years and will continue until…well, until we’re not.

I hope you find it easy to understand and that it helps you plan your own path through what sometimes seems strewn with rocks and weeds. It’s pretty simple actually, it’s just not always that easy.

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