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Therapy and Life Coaching


With over 35 years of continuous experience as a Counselling and Health Psychologist, Dr van Scoyoc can help in many circumstances where life is challenging.


How We Can Help You

The best way to find out what we can help you with is for you to ring or email us, explaining what you are looking for. Any enquiry is in confidence.

Online Consultations

Susan consults almost exclusively via video or audio link. We have many years of working this way. We prefer using our Zoom account, but if you prefer, Susan may agree to one of the other common video formats.

Children & Teenagers

Susan has many years of experience working with children and teenagers via video. Teens, in particular, are often more comfortable using video as a medium for consultations. Consults can be in any length of fifteen minute segments up to an hour or as otherwise arranged.

Life Coaching & Mentoring

Often, a client does not have a need for psychological care and is not seeking treatment but rather guidance in the many normal choices and paths that life presents us. Susan’s age and many years of professional experience with many different clients gives her an insight into these paths and those choices. You may find she can help you find your way too.


We all seek a life that is stable, healthy, and happy but in reality we face challenges from our relationships, our jobs, our educations, and health. A life that seemed orderly and predictable can suddenly change. Speaking with someone skilled in these matters can help you through the transition.


Relationships may be the most important aspects of our lives. We rely on relationships with our partners, our children, our friends, and even our workplaces. They help support us when we need it most. Changes in our lives can challenge those relationships and sometimes we have to decide whether to repair a relationship or end it. Susan has helped many through this most difficult of times.

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