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Guidance Through Disciplinary Complaints and Hearings

It’s been more than a decade since the HCPC assumed the role of regulating psychologists. Its role is to protect the public, but for psychologists caught up in the process it is stressful and perhaps the most traumatic thing that may rise up in their career. Of course, HCPC isn’t the only disciplinary process making lives complicated for psychologists. Employers, NHS, and other organisations can involve themselves in your career and practice and, right or wrong, can seriously impact your practice or job.

Unfortunately, many times a complaint originates out of a misunderstanding while other times it is a vengeful act. Additionally, we have become aware of a growing number of cases which have arisen as a result of complaints by fellow psychologists who feel they are working for the “opposing” side in a legal case or other adversarial process.

Should you find yourself the subject of a complaint, you may wish to consult with Susan very early on to not only determine the possible merits but also whether a strategy may be taken early on to mitigate its impact. It is important to begin preparing as soon as you are aware that a complaint has been submitted.

Dr van Scoyoc has forty years of continuous professional experience plus over twenty years as an expert witness, where many of these complaints arise. She has worked with a number of psychologists having to deal with the process. Susan has served as supervisor for decades to many, many psychologists and through a number of circumstances.

┬áSusan’s range of experience is extensive including criminal cases for murder, arson, rape, abuse, and more. She has also worked extensively in the family courts, where many of the most onerous complaints have originated.

You may consult as a one-off or as often as you feel a need to discuss the matter you are facing.

We are preparing a webinar to discuss handling complaints as well as avoiding complaints. This will include discussions of significant findings by HCPC and the organisation’s increasingly active involvement. Keep an eye on our Events page (under Training) and our Library where pre-recorded videos are saved.

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