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Dr van Scoyoc Talks About Video Supervision and Reflective Supervision

Imagine not having to drive to an appointment for supervision? Imagine not having to pay for rail fare, petrol, or parking? We have delivered video suprvision for nearly a decade using high quality cameras, microphones, and lighting for an experience that allows you to focus on what you want to discuss with your supervisor.

Susan has been in continuous practice for nearly 40 years and providing supervision for over 25 years. She can provide supervision for a broad range of approaches and presentations.

If you are new to video links, we can help you put it together. You may also want to consult our video library where Stephen van Scoyoc discusses the equipment and methods that work well.

Susan also discusses Reflective Supervision – what it is, why it important, and how it differs from management supervision.

clinical supervision

Share the experience and wisdom of Susan

Every psychologist should have supervision with an appropriate supervisor. That supervisor should have the skills and wisdom suitable for your type of work and your needs. We invite you to contact us to see if Susan is appropriate.

Supervision with Susan is flexible as to schedule, frequency, and even length of the session.


Getting where you want to go in your profession and in life

As we move along in our career and life, many things come up that might change what we are doing. Positive things like children or moving to a new location and some not so positive things like illness or job loss. These can be opportunities to reflect on where we are and where might like to go. Perhaps a specialisation in your profession or branching out into expert witness work or teaching.

Susan can work with you as you explore together the possibilities. Susan has helped many psychologists focus on what they really want and how to achieve them. She may be able to help you too.

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