Online Group

Susan offers group supervision and training online on a recurring basis. If you would like to enquire about a group supervision experience please contact Susan via our email page. Other group activities include CPD, which is presented elsewhere on our site as well as via email announcements. Be sure to check our online training page to see what is on offer and if it is something you are interested in. To be kept up-to-date on our group training offers sign up on our mailing list page.

Fees for this service depend on the number and nature of the group.

We use professional studio equipment to make the session as clear and personal as possible. Our system can easily accommodate up to 10 people participating in a group using our Zoom account. While Susan can use Skype or FaceTime we highly recommend the use of our account with Zoom. The advantage is higher quality, no record of your session, and no additional cost to you. You are provided with a link before each session and after the session the link expires and cannot be accessed by anyone.