Therapy via Video


We have offered therapy via Skype for a number of years and it may be a good choice for you. The first obvious advantage is a lower cost per session, but other advantages to consider are no travel time or expenses and flexible appointment times. Therapy via Skype is secure as the links are encrypted and no record of the session is made or kept. Some clients choose to have some face-to-face sessions along with video sessions.

Setting up for Skype is easy. If you do not have a Skype account you can Google it and set up in minutes. It is free to setup and use. Contact us and we will provide you with our user name so you can connect with us. That’s all there is to it.

The fee for therapy by Skype is £100. Payment is in advance and may be paid by credit/debit card or bank transfer. When your appointment is made you will receive an invoice by email with a link to pay by card and bank details if you want to pay direct. If you pay direct please ensure your name is used as a reference so we can properly credit your payment. Payment must be received at least 2 working days before your session. Sessions on short notice can sometimes be arranged. Please contact us if you need to arrange one.

Sometimes video links don’t work as planned due to faults in the internet or slow internet. In this case, the session can resume via telephone or be cancelled. Your fee will be refunded or rescheduled if the session cannot proceed due to problems¬†with the link.

Security – Unlike ordinary telephone calls, video calls through Skype are encrypted from end-to-end using AES 256, which is what the US Government typically uses. In our opinion, this makes Skype video sessions much more secure than telephone consultations. We do not hold any information about you except for your Skype user ID so that a connection can be made. We do not record any aspect of the contact. We do not pass on your contact details to anyone. Your computer will show that you have Susan’s Skype user ID so you may choose to protect your computer with a password. Ensure that you keep your Skype software upgraded and that you have set your privacy settings appropriately. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and comply with the requirements. Be aware that while the video data is encrypted it may leave the UK and return, depending on which servers are directing it. Since the date is encrypted we do not consider this a risk. Be aware that law enforcement authorities may reserve the right to monitor all communications within their jurisdictions, which is beyond our control. If you have any questions please contact us.