Expert Witness

I am an independent practitioner working in a psychological therapy practice with no ties to the NHS or other employers and offer my experience and expertise to solicitors, CPS, and social services with confidence that I will provide an opinion based on that independence. My availability, if I accept an instruction, is high since my time is not obligated to an employer but to the instructing parties. I have given evidence through the full range of courts and in cases of murder, rape, fraud, abuse, human rights, child abuse and more. In particular, I am often called to assist in cases involving sexual matters, both of children and adults. I have decades of experience working in the area of healthy and appropriate sexual relationships which, in turn, assists in recognising inappropriate sexual behaviour. If a case is not within my field of expertise I will not hesitate to say so and refer you to another expert.

Types of cases routinely handled in the past 12 months include:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault of children, grooming, etc.
  • Possession of indecent images, all levels
  • Civil claims of childhood abuse in institutions

I accept instructions from solicitors, prosecutors, insurance companies and others. I do not, however, accept instruction direct from the client. I will work within the guidelines of the LAA, but may have to advise that my full recommendations cannot be completed within those limits. This is rare, but does happen. I will advise of this if it arises as an issue. I do all work myself and do not employ others to perform assessments or conduct psychometric tests. A report from me is my work and I will defend it in court or tribunal.

I am comfortable and confident testyfying in court, always willing to meet and discuss disagreements with other expert witnesses, always ready to meet with council pre-trial, and prepared to explain or clarify any positions I have taken in my conclusions.

I have experience in a broad range of civil matters including unfair dismissals, psychological impact of injury or discrimination, PTSD, institutional abuse, and medical matters. I have worked both for the defence and the Crown in criminal matters ranging from petty theft and burglary up to assault and murder. I have testified in all levels of court including the Old Bailey. I will attend the client in prisons nationwide, in my offices, at their solicitors, or other locations provided my personal security is not a concern. I am particularly willing to work with vulnerable young people and I have a long history of experience with children and adolescents who become involved in the criminal system.

 Recent Cases

Criminal Courts

R v CP  (ongoing)
Category: Murder

R v MM and others (ongoing)
Category: Murder

R v BD
Category: Sexual abuse of child. Defendant’s psychological difficulties recognised and special arrangements made during trial.

R v ER
Category: Child defendant murder. Defendant found guilty but sentence reflected recommendations
made in report for treatment rather than punishment.

R v CC

Category: Resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. Defendant suffers from autistic spectrum disorder. Judge found him not guilty of both charges once his condition and how this impacted on his behaviour understood.

R v Buffett
Category: Fraud of Harrods & others. Assessment, diagnosis and advice on treatment of what the judge described as a ‘Walter Mitty’ character.

R v Watkins
Category: Serious multiple sexual abuse of children. High profile case.

R v Rooprai
Category: Serious Violence aimed at punishing an inter-faith marriage. The defendant who was the alleged ringleader had ‘an unusual psychological deficit’ which led to a lengthy voire dire and expert evidence concerning the admissibility of extensive interviews without an appropriate adult.

Civil Cases

Local Authority v KC
Civil: child abuse whilst in care of local authority

R.C. Church v DR and others

Family Courts

Child A – interfaith issues: residency dispute regarding choice of religious practices by separated Muslim and Jehovah Witness parents

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