Expert Witness

Dr van Scoyoc began her expert witness work over two decades ago with council tribunals, traveller evictions, and migrant assessments. Over the years that followed she has been involved in a number of case true to her calling — children accused of crimes, historical abuse, family proceedings, human trafficking, and minor matters of major importance to those involved.

Susan has also been deeply involved in a number “headline” cases involving murder, kidnapping, child sexual abuse, and arson, most often but not always on retained by the defence (but, of course, reporting objectively to the court).

Susan’s services in this regard are highly subscribed and her availability is very limited. She now focusses her work primarily on historical abuse cases involving children and authoritative organisations which failed in their obligations to protect the children.

Susan can assist with a telephone consultation, review of case notes and other experts’ report, and advise what direction to go regarding psychological assessment. Susan may also be able to advise what avenues to pursue regarding assessment of a client.

Please get in touch. We will respond quickly to your enquiry as we know these matters are often a time-is-of-the-essence situation.

Susan is also available for consultation as your case proceeds should you need insight into psychological matters that might arise.