Dr. Susan van Scoyoc

I hsusan_brighton_dec_2014ave been in continuous practice since 1981. I run an active private practice from my London and Little Baddow, Essex locations. I provide therapy for clients, training for other psychologists, work within my professional division, and provide expert witness services for solicitors, county councils, tribunals, Crown Prosecution, and the courts. I have particular interests in women’s issues, human rights, vulnerable adolescents and adults, post traumatic stress, and false claims (malingering). As a health psychologist, I have an interest and expertise in health matters including pain management, managing chronic health conditions, and well being.

I provide face-to-face therapy for adults, couples, families, and children. Therapy is also offered via video link. I have a long history of working with couples facing relationship difficulties as well as family-wide relationship issues.

I provide consultative supervision to organisations and to individual psychologists who may need brief, issue specific assistance.  I also regularly provide training lectures and workshops nationwide on topics such as providing expert witness services, health and well-being, psychometric testing and therapy approaches.

I accept instructions in most legal proceedings requiring the expertise of a psychologist, including criminal, civil and family care proceedings, and other forms of proceedings. I will work in cases funded by the Legal Aid Authority and accept payment in accordance with their terms. I am available to see clients on location, including prisons or solicitors offices as well as in my offices in London or Essex. I hold current, enhanced CRB checks as required for working with children and vulnerable adults.

I have experience particularly in the area of human rights, sexual and physical abuse, including battered women’s syndrome, child protection issues, assessing youth offenders, and sexual offenders.

In criminal matters, my work includes youths; pre-sentencing and trial of sex offenders; violent offences and complex psychological issues; and risk assessment for parole hearings. In civil matters, consequences of sexual abuse and abuse whilst in local authority care.

Brief Description of Qualifications and Experience

I have been awarded Practitioner of the Year 2012 by the British Psychological Society Professional Practice Board (2012-2013)

I am a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, a Chartered Health Psychologist, and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, register number 16461.

I am a Senior Practitioner member of the British Psychological Society Register of Psychologists Specialising in Psychotherapy.

I am a Registered Practitioner Psychologist with the Health Professions Council, register number PYL21848.

I am a qualified and registered user of psychometric tests (BPS level A & B)

I am presently in independent practice in London and Little Baddow, having over thirty years of practice within NHS and private settings as a counselling psychologist and specialist psychotherapist working with adults, children and families.

I provide training workshops for the British Psychological Society Learning Centre and act as Visiting Lecturer to a number of universities for their Doctorate in Psychology. In addition I provide training to a number of NHS psychology departments.

I am a Research Supervisor for doctoral research projects in Psychology at City University, London.

I am past Chair of the British Psychological Society, Division of Counselling Psychology and past Registrar for the Qualification in Counselling Psychology.

I am a past member of the Board of Assessors and Training Committee for Counselling Psychology, the Board of Ethics, the Psychological Testing Committee of the British Psychological Society.

More recently I qualified as CYQ Qualified Gym Instructor – probably one of the hardest qualifications I have undertaken! I wanted to combine my knowledge of health psychology with some practical health and fitness training.

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